huge tiger muskie utahAt one point tiger muskie were once called a fish of 10,000 casts, but that has all changed with the population of this fish exploding all across North America. The fish is a gorgeous species, with beautiful spots and stripes all over its body. Russell and his wife Kim were celebrating their year wedding anniversary by going on a fishing trip at Pineview Reservoir. While I'm sure this wasn't the wife's idea, lol, we all know it was probably planned out by Russell. But that's typical!

utah record tiger muskie pineview reservoirThe weather conditions were very crummy, it had rained throughout the evening and a bitter wind had swept across the reservoir. Around 7pm Russell had finally hooked into a tiger muskie, after a short battle he was able to land the 38 inch fish. It was getting late, so after that catch Russell was thinking about calling it a night. But that's when he decided to take one last lucky cast, that's when he felt the bait get hooked up on something.

He thought it was a snag, it kind of felt like bottom, but then the line started tearing off his reel. After fighting with the strong fish for 15 minutes, Russell had finally got the big tiger muskie near shore where him and his wife looked at the fish in disbelief. He couldn't believe he was able to land this fish on only 8 pound test!

record tiger muskie pineview reservoirHe gave his fishing pole to his wife, since they had no fishing net, that's when he grabbed the fish by it's tail and held it up. The monster tiger muskie measured an incredible 51 inches long, beating out the current catch-and-keep Utah angling record by 2 inches. But he didn't beat out the current catch-and-release record for tiger muskie, which is 53 inches.

But since tiger muskie are required to be released, this fish will have to stay in Russell and Kim's memories, as well as ours. Russell said there's nothing wrong with that, he was happy to release the beautiful big fish. But since it's been released, maybe it will be bigger next time an angler catches it, this time breaking all records for the state of Utah.