Mepps is known for making some of the best damn spinnerbaits in the business, hell they are hand assembled in the USA, so that's a big plus. Mepps spinners give off a unique vibration and flash in the water, enticing fish such as bass, pike, walleye, and even muskellunge into biting. Whether you're fishing on ponds, lakes, or even rivers these Mepps spinnerbaits work incredibly well. And if your looking for a big bucktail, Mepps has an awesome Aglia Marabou spinnerbait I highly suggest checking out. Having the combination of a good spinner blade, bucktail, and noise chamber makes for a killer combination for fishing. We have a long list of different Mepps spinners to choose from, so make sure you check them out. Just remember these Mepps spinnerbaits work, so don't pass up on the chance of buying some of them!

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