jumbo bass guntersville lakeThese are just some of the big jumbo bass caught at Guntersville Lake and Alabama, the amount of trophy fish that come out of Guntersville Lake is magnificent. The lake is known for a lot of things, but bass fishing is the main one of them. Just check out the size of these bellies on these mammoth bass. Michigan, my home town state doesn't have huge largemouth bass like this! It's absolutely incredible!!!

big bass jumping

Don't you just love these moments, when you catch a big bass on a topwater bait such as a jitterbug, and the big bass clearly jumps right out of the water. It's amazing a fish this big can have enough power to clear the water! Largemouth bass tend to be a lot lazier than smallmouth bass, but sometimes you get that one that just jumps a foot out of the air, it's quite exciting to say the least. Anyways I hope you enjoy this beautiful photo of a big bass jumping out of the water.

paul crowder record bassPaul Crowder of Forrest City Arkansas caught this record 16-pound, 5-ounce largemouth at Lake Dunn. Aaron Mardis from Memphis has held the record since March 2, 1976, weighing in at 16 pounds 4 ounces.. It's been almost 40 years, it's about time this legendary record has been conquered. Paul Crowder caught the record fish on a plastic 6-inch Mann’s jelly worm with a bullet sinker and plastic rattle in tequila sunrise color. With only 14 pound test, Crowder was able to land this mammoth fish, the bass measured 26 1/2 inches in length and was 22 3/4 inches in girth. He was actually trying to catch catfish at the time, but had no luck, luck came to roost when he set the hook on this mammoth fish.

washington record bass

Possibly the biggest bass caught in the state of Washington, the fish is absolutely amazing in size. Just check out the size of that belly and mouth, man it would be great to catch a fish this big. This is supposedly a legendary fish!