record bass new grand lakeBrent Malone landed this 10.86 pound largemouth bass on a 1/4oz Scrounger with a 4" baby bass fluke. He caught the fish right under a dock on a main river channel, some of the biggest bass be hiding underneaht docks. After being weighed and measured, the record bass was tossed back into the lake to be caught another day.

world record sunfishAnyone up for panfishing? Hector Brito holds up this 5-pound, 12.8-ounce trophy redear sunfish. Brito was fishing in 10 feet of water on Lake Havasu with a nightcrawler when this mamoth panfish hit his hook. I'm not going to tell you it took him 30 minutes to reel up this fish, like some of the monster muskie and bass records seen on my blog, but it did give him a pretty damn good fight for about 10 minutes believe it or not.

world record tiger muskieEd Kalinowski was trolling a copper spinner Neon Magic at Little Payette Lake, when a monster tiger muskie nailed it! Kalinowski thought he had a snag, but when the fish started shaking its head, he knew he had some kind of big fish on. After fighting the fish for about 15 minutes, the tiger muskie's head popped up, Kalinowski and his friend couldn't believe the size of the fish. It was such a tough fight, the big muskie kept turning the boat around and around, after an hour they finally landed the fish.

What makes this story even more thrilling, by the time Ed Kalinowski had gotten the muskie to the boat, she was hanging on my just one barb. And the topper was, they didn't even have a net to land her, so they used a rope that they looped around the fish's tail, but that kept slipping off, so they used their hands to just grab the fish and lift her into the boat.

Little did they know, that they had a world record tiger muskie in their boat. The beast officially weighed 44.26 pounds and measured 52.5 inches in length, with a girth of 25 inches. Now is that incredible or what? The fish was believed to been stocked in the lake back in 1999, making this fish around 13 1/2 years old.

michigan record muskie torch lakeThis amazing muskie took the top spot for muskellunge after Kyle Anderson of Rapid City landed this monster on his boat. The kicker is, he doesn't even own a car, just his boat that he drives to work every day. Over the past seven years he’s logged 4,500 hours and 25,000 miles on his boat. So what better angler to take the new Michigan muskie record, but Kyle Anderson himself, coming in at 50 pounds 8 ounces. The incredible fish was caught at Torch Lake, a glacier lake that reaches depths of 315 feet, so it's no wonder this monster lake conjures up record size muskellunge. Just atonishing man, they muskie are amazing looking!

record muskie torch lakerecord muskellunge michiganhuge muskie michigan

huge northern pike photosOne of the biggest fish to grace our waterways, northern pike can get up 50 inches long and weigh over 50 pounds. But sometimes, you get those freakish pike that just scare the shit out of you, they just get so damn big. For the most part, northern pike in the United States are very stunted because most fishermen eat them or kill them when they get the chance, so they never get really big in the states. But when you turn to Europe, you will see some real monsters, the fishing in Europe isn't as aggressive so these monsters can grow as big as they want. Believe it or not, some of the record pike in Europe weight upwards for a 100 pounds. Amazing or what, huge northern pike are amazing aren't they? They can get as big as the muskie in the states, if not bigger!

record blackspotted amur pike

I never even heard of an amur pike until I stumbled across one on the web, it looks just like a regular northern pike, but has beautiful black spots on the side of the fish. It's also referred to as the blackspotted pike, Esox reichertii. Closely related to the northern pike, the fish is native to the Amur River system in east Asia, as well as freshwater habitat on the island of Sakhalin. Back in 1968 though, the DNR decided to plant some in Glendale Lake, Pennsylvania. At the end of 1971, there was the last spawning of Amur pike. Pennsylvania Fish Commission's brood stock was lost by the summer of 1976.

record pike italyMaurizio Rossini is the famous fisherman who fishes for record pike over in Italy. Some of the pike he has caught over in Italy are the biggest pike I have ever seen. Like this first one here, I think this monster clearly crosses the 50 pound mark! Man, I need to take a vacation over in Europe to catch one of these monsters, countries like Italy in Europe obviously have a lot bigger pike than the United States.

monster record pike italy

big pike hayden lakeAfter battling this 41 inch northern pike for 15 minutes, Valentina Thomson was finally able to reel in this big pike to the boat, where it weighed 20.3 pounds. Thomson also found a 8 inch crappie inside the fish along with a 7 inch bullhead catfish. This goes to show what a big pike like this eats for a diet. It's no wonder why the crappie population is down in Hayden Lake, big northern pikes like this have been munching on them.

big walleye storm lakeThis big walleye was captured during a fish harvest netting on April 6th, the beast measured 29.5 inches long. The big walleye produced about 400,000 eggs this year, the same walleye was caught three times before in 2006, 2010, and 2013. The big walleye has estimated to produce one million eggs over its lifespan, what an incredible fish!

huge musky wisconsinProfessional musky anglers Tony Rizzo and Jeff Van Remortel will be speaking at the 27th Musky Magic this Sunday March 15th in New London Wisconsin. Hundreds will gather at the Expo to learn about Muskie fishing. Poolside demonstrations, door prizes, and raffles will take place to help upcoming amateur musky fishermen learn about this special fish. Rizzo has 35 years experience of guiding musky anglers and Van Remortel has averaged 107 northern Wisconsin muskies in the boat each season for the past three years. For more information call 920-779-6433 but this extravagant musky expo.

gibson lake record striped bassTulsa angler Wynne Marsh caught this 16.4 pound striped bass at Fort Gibson Lake last week, it became the new record for the lake after it was certified. The huge striped bass beats out the previous record by 2 whole pounds, which weighed 14.4 pounds, but if Marsh is gunning for the state record, well that one sits at a whopping 23.25 pounds from Altus-Lugert Lake in 1997. It's still pretty cool that Marsh holds the record for stripers at Fort Gibson Lake.

big bass lake of the ozarksJustin Swast of Pevely caught this 7.56 pound largemouth bass from the Lake of the Ozarks Bass Bash tournament to win the $60,000 grand prize. The bass tournament brought hundreds of fishermen to the Ozarks, but only a few walked away with cash. Swast's lucky Carolina-rigged Crock-O-Gator Swamp Bug won a third of the $175k payout.

big bass clear lakeBill Ryan and Stan Press caught these monster bass from Clear Lake during autumn full moon last year, fishermen are expecting Clear Lake to be just as good. This California lake is filled with Florida strain bass that are absolutely humongous. Out of the two anglers that cloth these huge bass in the picture, the biggest one out of the bunch was a 6.2 pounder. These two old school anglers had a lot of luck fishing on a full moon on Clear Lake, that may be the reason why fishing was so good, but you definitely have to know your fishing lures and baits.

full moon bass jumpingSome of the best bass fishing can be found when there is a full moon out at night. Fish scientists and professional anglers believe bass become very aggressive, protective over their young, and hungry over bait fish. Full moons during spring time are even better for bass fishermen! But if bass fishing any time a year is kind of dead, plan on seeking out when the next full moon is in the forecast and go from there.

Fishing lures such as crankbaits, diving plugs, and even soft plastic are important for your arsenal. But if you're looking for some real fun, go with a topwater bait such as the Zara Spook. If you can find a way to withstand bugs, go for it, some of the best bass fishing can be found during the night on a full moon.

smallmouth bass fishing dogIf you got a back problem, what better way to land your bass, this is such a beautiful black lab dog. Man I love smallmouth bass fishing, the only thing missing is my beautiful dog duke that passed away last year from Lyme Disease. He was such a nice dog, he loved to play in the backyard with tennis balls and frisbees, it's just too bad I never got to bring them on my new boat.

beautiful striped tiger muskieDon't you just love how certain tiger muskie have unique designs on them, this tiger may not be a record, but the tiger stripes on the body are amazing looking. I'm not sure where this tiger muskie was caught, really though, who cares, I'm just glad for the fisherman on the gorgeous catch. It's very rare to catch tiger muskie since this is a hybrid fish, where a muskellunge and a pike have mated, and they can't reproduce. I've caught a few in my lifetime, but they are very rare to come bye, it's an honor to catch one!

record tiger muskie otisco lakeCheck out this monster tiger muskie from Otisco Lake, the fish weighed 27-pounds, 5-ounces. The angler didn't catch this muskie in the spring, summer or fall. The big muskellunge was actually caught during the winter ice fishing, eventually the measurements would beat out the existing world record for tiger muskie caught on a tip-up, according to a spokesman today from the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisc.

record tiger muskie minnesotaLook at the belly of this beast, this monster tiger muskie was caught off the St Louis River. It measured 48.5 inches long and had a girth of 28.5 inches, with a massive weight of 49 pounds. What has this muskie been feeding on? Ducks and geese! He sure has been snacking on something, it's amazing how certain muskie get really long, while others grow in girth.

huge tiger muskie ice fishingSome of the biggest muskie are caught ice fishing believe it or not, this huge tiger muskie was caught on a windlass tip up using an 8" dead perch. Amazing or what? It seems to me, that more and more fishermen are catching tiger muskie these days and they are getting bigger too. Usually these hybrid fish are a lot smaller than a regular strain muskellunge, this tiger is right up there with some of the biggest muskie I've seen on the internet, mighty impressive fellow fisherman!

big muskie long point bayThe sport of muskie fishing is becoming increasingly common in Long Point Bay, Ohio. The Muskie population has started to thrive and the fishermen are starting to react. Like this huge 45 inch musky that was caught on Long Point Bay back in 2012. Muskellunge are one of the most cherished fish in the Great Lakes system, growing up to 50 inches long and weighing as much as 40 pounds. They fight like a monster, like no other freshwater fish you've caught before, so it makes sense why anglers are going nuts over them. The sport of muskie fishing has really exploded!