shoal bass georgia flint riverWhen an angler catches a pass from Georgia’s Flint River, they might deem it a smallmouth bass, but that can be further from the truth because there are no true smallmouth bass in South Georgia. These fish are called shoal bass, they hold similar features to the smallmouth bass, but are different. Just like a smallmouth, they are quite feisty and fight very well, but unlike smallmouth they only get on average of 1 to 2 pounds, however there have been some records upwards of 6 to 8 pounds. Other names given to these bass are Flint River Smallmouth and Flint River Bass, they were once considered a subspecies of redeye bass. Some of the best baits to use on Shoal Bass are small crayfish and the larvae of the Dobsonfly. But if you're a big fan of artificial bait, you're going to want to use soft plastic worms, even in-line spinners and top water plugs/buzz bait. Just like smallmouth, shoal bass will give you a run for your money.

big bass lake perry fishingSeaman Jesse Heflin and Winfield Cameron Pappan hold up their big bass from the B.A.S.S. Nation divisional tournament at Lake Perry. The two-man team took the top spot, with a five fish total of 15.92 pounds. Overall the day was a tough time fishing for these bass, but once they found their groove and their hot spots for fishing, they were able to land some really nice size bass. The team used black and blue soft plastic lures to stand out against the overcast sky, which then can be seen better by the bass.

big pike eleven mile reservoirNow this is an absolute monster northern pike that was caught ice fishing through Eleven Mile Reservoir in Colorado. Check out how thick this pike is, you can tell this pike is heavy, I would guess it ways around 30 pounds plus. I've always heard that Colorado has some really good fishing over in the state, this is a pretty impressive pike!

huge bass caney lakeMicah McClain shows off his 13 pound 10 ounce largemouth bass he caught from Caney Lake. Believe it or not the size of this fish was in the most memorable moment, when McClain set the hook, he was standing on top of a 4 foot stepladder. Both him and the stepladder went in the 65 degree water at the same time. After getting completely soaked, Micah McClain still managed to land this incredible fish.

monster bass lake hennesseyLake Hennessey is starting to produce some really big bass, check out this 9 pounder Giules Particelli caught on a willow leaf spinner bait. These fish are being caught in both size and numbers, which is pretty impressive! Being able to fish Lake Hennessey is a privilege because it's now such a great bass lake.

big bass sam rayburn reservoirTexas angler Ronnie Sharp holds up this monster bass from Big Bass Splash on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, the fish weighed incredible 8.72 pounds. The monster bass was one of the biggest fish of the three-day event, this year marked the 31st anniversary. Over $500k was paid out in cash and prizes at Big Bass Splash.

big bass lake annaAndrew Wilson and Devin Paddy hold up their big bass catch from the Virginia B.A.S.S Nation Federation Jr. State Tournament on Lake Anna. The duo finished a two day total of 18 pounds, 6 ounces. There youngsters were thrilled to achieve such a great weigh-in, it was a tough bass tournament to compete in this year, there is some good competition.

photo huge striped bassJames A. Warner holds up an incredibly huge striped bass from the 1963 LBI Surf Fishing Classic. The fish weighed 48 pounds, imagine reeling in this baby? My 10 pound monofilament line would probably snap within a heart beat! I've never caught a striped bass before, but I have fished on lakes that have stripers, like down in Texas. It's just too bad I couldn't catch at least one striped bass when I was down there, still fun to say I tried to catch one, I guess lol!!!!

europe record pikeThe question I have is, lol, what are they feeding the pike in Europe for them to get this big? Are these fish on steroids, hahaha! Honestly I've never seen a northern pike this thick come from a lake from the United States. Now I'm sure there are some monsters hanging out in American bodies of water somewhere, but nothing this big. Man this thing is huge, it's like a God of some sort, lol. It's amazing how big pike can get in Europe, they rightfully compete with our American muskellunge.

It's like pike get big as our musky in Europe, while our musky get big as their pike in America. Kind of confusing I know, but if you've been studying photos of the northern pike caught in Germany, France, and the UK. You know exactly what I'm talking about, it's nice to see how big pike can get if they have a good food source. I think the main reason they don't get this big in America is the amount fishing pressure in the states. I think we have a lot more competitive fisherman in the USA than Europe, I could be wrong though....

monster bass lake conroeRenee Linderoth pulled this monster bass out of Lake Conroe back in 2009. That summer Lake Conroe was on fire, fishermen were catching bass over the 10 pound plus mark like ever other week. What makes this lunker so priceless is a lovely woman caught it, Renee Linderoth sais she was only fishing in 2 feet of water when she hooked this monster bass on a Hula Grub. Linderoth claims though, she wouldn't have been able to land the monster bass, if it wasn't for her fish guide Higgins of Higgy’s Freshwater Adventures. Renee Linderoth didn't immediately release the fish, as it went towards the ShareLunker program.

photo huge northern pikeJohn Tipper has finally reached his memorable landmark after landing this 30 pound pike from a large half mackerel deadbait 60 yards out. Tipper has been fishing for monster pike for 50 years, there's been times when he has had some huge pike on, but either they snapped his fishing line or they got off. It takes patience and dedication to catch a fish like this, putting in long hours as well as skill is needed. John Tipper's winning rig for catching this 30 pound pike was 17lb X-Line, a Drennan trace and size 6 semi treble hooks. What a beautiful fish! It's just too bad Tipper didn't extend the fish more when he was holding it up for the camera, this northern pike would've looked a lot bigger in the photo. Just thinking of how much 30 pounds weighs in pike flesh, yes, this is a monster fish!

huge record peacock bassIt's kinda funny because the amount of years I've been fishing, not once have I fished in saltwater, lol! I guess I'm just set in my ways!!! But really it's got a lot more to do with my motion sickness. This year we went down to the siesta keys, I felt like bringing my muskie fishing pole down there, but instead I just decided to chilax on the beach the whole time I was there. We had some family members that one out on a charter, but seeing how windy it was that day, it was nothing I could probably tolerate. See the waves out on the ocean are much more sinister than Lake St. Clair. First they are spaced out more, plus they are bigger. Anyways enough of me bitching, here's some cool pictures of one of the most beautiful bass I've seen from saltwater, the Peacock bass.

They get a lot bigger then largemouth and smallmouth bass, I think they are much prettier too, but I still got my sweet spot for my smallies and largemouth bass. I've talked with some of my fellow anglers and they always said that they love fishing for this saltwater species of fish, it gives up an incredible fight and it's absolutely gorgeous. This one you see in the photo is possibly a record Peacock bass, coming in at 23 pounds, is that incredible or what?

Well I was my second day out and I'm glad to say that I didn't get skunked, lol! I was originally planning to fish just the boat wells, so I didn't really bring any gloves, it's pretty protected over there from the wind. But after 2 hours of getting absolutely nothing, I decided to finally had up to the point where maybe I could pick up smallmouth bass and if I'm lucky, a northern pike.

After a few minutes, bam, felt a tug on my line and lucky me, I landed a nice size smallmouth bass. It gave up a pretty good fight, but when I got it near the shoreline it kind of gave up! I honestly think smallmouth bass give up a lot better fight on the boat, basically because they have all the area and depth to swim. When you reel bass up to the shoreline, a gets shallower as you go, so smallmouth bass don't have anywhere to swim.

But that's not to say you can't have any fun smallmouth bass fishing from the shoreline! Some of my most fun days fishing have been from the shoreline, to me it's a completely different experience than fishing off the boat. First of all I have motion sickness, so being able to just enjoy fishing without having to get dizzy or nauseous is a big plus! And just recovering from Lyme Disease, it's safe to say I get nauseous a lot faster now, but that's all beginning to fade away thank God. Arthritis from Lyme Disease is excruciating!

Well I'm kinda getting sidetracked here, after landing that nice smallie. I ended up hooking into a northern pike, just as I had wished, but it wasn't anything bragging about! First I had thought it was a muskellunge, but after getting a closer look, I was like oh no that's a pike. Either fish would've been exciting to catch after getting skunked the day before. Well after showing off my tiny pike to the camera, lol, I brought in some more tiny largemouth bass as well.

So it wasn't a super thrilling day of fishing, but to be honest with you, when I felt that first fish hit, I did get a quick adrenaline rush! It's always exciting to get your first fish of the season and it being a beautiful smallmouth bass, I was so stoked. Anyways a hope you guys enjoyed my fishing video, please check out my other videos on YouTube as well. I really can't wait to get out on Lake St. Clair from my boat, but because it's getting a tuneup, that's going to have to wait. So I'll be fishing from the shoreline the next two weeks, lol!

lake of the woods big pike

Each year Zippel Bay Resort has a northern pike tournament at the end of April. The tournament is made up of two person teams and is a two day tournament based on weight. And the kicker is, the last two years have been won by the female team of Katie Berg and Katie Pieper. Last two years, they caught pike over 40 inches long to add to their winning bag of fish.

zippel bay resort pike tournament

big northern pike oneida lake

Peter Schermerhorn of Cicero was bas fishing on Oneida Lake, when he unexpectedly hooked this big northern pike. What better way to start out the season right, but catch a big 36 inch pike! Schermerhorn had claimed this was the last cast of the day too, sometimes those lasts casts and trying to stick it out, allows you to land those big fish. He was using a jerk bait when he caught this to the monster, Schermerhorn also hopes that walleye on Oneida Lake like the same fishing lure. Jerk baits can be very effective during spring time!

smallmouth bass lake st clairI just got word from a fellow fisherman that Lake St. Clair is super hot for smallmouth bass fishing right now, he said they are absolutely slamming smallmouth bass with jerk baits this spring. Jigs are still working, but they aren't as effective as previous years. And even crankbaits he said are working as well. Hopefully that means this year's bass fishing is going to be back on cue, because last year was absolutely horrible for smallie fishing, summer and fall were a complete disaster. Spring was alright, I got around 25+ smallies everytime I went out. On the flipside of that though, this fisherman I talked to said again around 200 smallmouth bass just in one day on a jerkbait.

So far 2015 is looking really good for fishing! Even fishing for muskellunge and walleye was a bit slow, but there'd did seem to be a lot of northern pike out. For some reason the pike have been reproducing like crazy on Lake St. Clair, I did end up catching a pike recently on my second time out fishing from the shore, I was using a Berkley Powerbait green pumpkin grub. Pike really seem to like grubs, twister tails, and tubes during the spring spawn.

Overall I have high hopes for this year of fishing on Lake St. Clair. So if you live in the area or even in Ohio, highly recommend checking out Lake St. Clair for some good bass fishing and pike fishing, muskellunge should be good this year too.

You won't believe where I caught this tiger muskie fellow fishermen, in the very first boat well of the docks at only 5 feet deep. Usually muskellunge are caught in pretty deep water or at least 10 feet deep, this was a freak of nature or was it? Throughout the years of fishing these boat wells, I've caught walleye, carp, crappie, and pike. The odd two are the walleye and tiger muskie, but is it that rare to catch these fish in these parts during spring and fall.

See I caught this tiger muskie in the fall and when I caught the walleye few years back, it was spring. Spring and fall can be the best time to fish shallow regions of the docks and boat wells, you just never know what you're going to catch. I think the fish think the canals is the river, so they go down it to spawn and feed! It's absolutely amazing what type of odd fish you can catch in such shallow water sometimes, it's still a big surpise to me, luckily I had braid when I caught this tiger muskie. I probably would've never been able to land it with monofilament!

record monster pike france

Legendary fisherman Sylvain Legendre landed this monster record Pike from France. The beast measured 48 inches, weight unknown, but I bet it weighs somewhere around 50 pounds plus, maybe even 60 pounds. The muskie are pretty dam big in the states, but man does this northern pike rightfully challenge our American muskie species. Man it's just amazing how big the pike get in Europe, I would give my left nut to catch one of these monsters. This one definitely had been a record in France!

record northern pikehuge northern pike europe

huge pike photosIf you're a big pike fisherman, just be aware how available spring time can be for you! Big or should I say huge pike like this can be caught during spring time using jigs, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits. But let's not forget about live bait as well! All these can be very valuable fishing lures for catching huge pike during the spawn.

See huge pike are usually out on the hunt for smaller baitfish, whether it be crappie, bluegill or even bass. They just go ape shit over these fish, so the best thing to do is try to replicate these fish and go gunning for these huge pike. I'll tell you what though, if you though catching one was the hard part, it's not, landing one of these beasts is a tougher challenge.

I highly recommend braided fishing line, why? Well basically because the fishing line is stronger and can withstand the abrasiveness of pike's teeth, along with their tendency to strech the line with their strength and weight. A huge pike like seen in this photo isn't going to be landed using lightweight monofilament line, you're going to have to use something heavy duty!

That's not to say that some fishermen haven't reeled in any big pike on 6 or 8 pound test line. It's just that your odds are better using heavier duty fishing line. Anyways good luck fishing and hope ya get that monster pike you're looking for!

big bass photosProfessional bass fishing guide Tony Coatney has taken many amateur fishermen for a trip of a lifetime, providing them with some of the best damn fishing an angler can buy. He's been guiding on Grand Lake for approximately fifteen years, whether you're new to bass fishing or a veteran, you'll love his bass fishing service! These are just some of the beautiful big bass he's caught over the years with his customers. These big bass obviously come from a Florida strain, they just keep getting bigger and bigger!

record big basshuge bass photosbig bass picturesphoto big bass grand lake