There's one way to catch a pass with a fishing pole, then there's another, Robert Earl Woodard catches this 12 pound largemouth bass with his bare hands. It was an estimated that the bass weighed 12 pounds, but after seeing Woodard pull the monster out of the water, I would say it's pretty damn close to that number. Robert Woodard said it took him three weeks to do it, he tried this years ago, after some practice he finally got it down, absolutely amazing!

ohio record walleyeThis is Tom "Blacky" Haberman's walleye that he caught off the Cleveland's East 72nd Street Pier while fishing for yellow perch. The fish weighed an incredible 16.19 pounds and ended up becoming the official walleye state record for Ohio. Originally Haberman and his friends had planned to go rabbit hunting that they, but likely the balmy weather had convinced them to head out on Lake Erie to do some perch fishing. Isn't awesome how the most memorable moments in fishing history happen when you're least expecting it. That walleye from 1999 measured 33 inches, since then the record has not been broken. However Jeff Tyson, the Lake Erie fish management program administrator for the Ohio Division of Wildlife suggests there could be a state record walleye swiming around Lake Erie.

big walleye photo

Jason Miller holds up a big walleye in front of his grandchildren Allie and Ryan, as they compete in the Trenton Kiwanis walleye World Fishing Derby. More than 4,000 fishermen are competing in the tournament this weekend. Almost $200,000 worth of cash and prizes are being offered at the walleye World Fishing Derby. There has been fish tagged worth up to $20,000 dollars. The largest walleye last year in 2014 weighed 12 pounds and a pike that weighed 14 pounds. It's always an exciting tournament each year, can't wait to see the monster walleye that come in this year!

photo atlantic salmon

Nick Staats holds up a beautiful Atlantic Salmon from the Winooski One fish lift. What a gorgeous fish, I love the colors and designs on Atlantic Salmon. I bet the salmon give up one hell of a fight in the Atlantic.

huge largemouth bass clear lakeThe largemouth bass keep getting bigger and bigger out on Clear Lake, Brian Cleary bagged this huge largemouth bass while fishing with pro guide Bob Myskey a few weeks back. This was their sixt annual trop, their best five bass totaled 30 pounds, just a miraculous catch! Man I would just love to fish Clear Lake one day.

white bass sandusky riverFor some Ohio fishermen, fishing for white bass on the Sandusky River is a local tradition. During spring time, they run from from Lake Erie into the Sandusky River where they spawn. Over a 1000 fishermen fish the river and almost everyone catches a fish, anglers like the fight and the taste of these beautiful bass. Adult anglers bring their kids and they have a blast, it's really good for the economy too, because fishermen go out and buy more fishing rods and lures. The white bass run is considered the biggest fishing season of the year for Fremont, so if you're in the area of northern Ohio, you gotta do some white bass fishing on the Sandusky River.

lake guntersville big bassWell bow fishing is alive and well, after discovering this beautiful big largemouth bass with a hole through him, lol. Isn't it strange how fish can basically survive a shot right through their body, survive, while if this was a human being any of us would of died. This big bass was caught from Lake Guntersville, even though the bass had an arrow through him, captain Mike Carter felt the bass was still healthy enough to eat. Even though the captain was reluctant to release the size of the bass, I would say it's somewhere near 5 pounds.

big bass bayou copasaw louisianaSome of the best largemouth bass fishing in Louisiana can be found in the lower canals off of Bayou Copasaw. Tyler Dupre knows, he's been fishing these waterways since the age of 12. Even now at the age of 24, he plans to be a lifelong resident of Houma and fishing for these monster bass for the rest of his life. Dupre said he isn't a a tournament angler, but he does take the sport very seriously.

huge striped bass manasquan inletJack Taylor lifts up an incredibly huge striped bass from Manasquan Inlet, the monster weighed in that 45 pounds. This is a great example of how big these beautiful fish can get. They give up one hell of a fight, making them an incredible species to fish for sport. When I get time, I'll have to post more pictures of huge striped bass like the one Jack Taylor caught, there are some really big ones on the internet, and seems like each year they keep getting bigger.

rare cancer smallmouth bassThe Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has just released a new finding on the Susquehanna River. Last year an angler caught a smallmouth bass with a growth on the lower lip in the middle of Susquehanna River, after laboratory tests, they confirmed these were rare cancerous growths and tumors on the fish. Although this was one fish, PFBC Executive Director John Arway said they are starting to find young-of-year and now adult bass with sores and lesions. This overall provides evidence that the health of the bass is being compromised from sort of pollutant.

humongous largemouth bass picsOnce-in-a-lifetime catches like these are hard to come across. The biggest bass I ever caught was around 8 pounds, but this lunker is well past that number with even touching into the double digits. How does 20 pounds sound to ya, this is pretty rare in the states, but if you look at the pics of Manabu Kurita bass. Big bass like these are hiding out in lakes over in Japan! Man what an magnificent fish to look at.

huge musky lake mononaMy question is, are some of the musky pregnant or do these musky just get this big because their belly is filled with fish. One things for sure, this photo looks a little photoshopped too, but I have seen big muskellunge this enormous before. Supposedly this huge musky was caught from Lake Monona back in 2009, the fish measured 45.5 inches with a 27.25 inch girth. Man what a fish, just wish we had some more photos of her!

funny photoshop muskie photos

If you get a kick out of some of the cool photoshop photos on the web, I guarantee you'll get a kick out of this funny muskie photo. Just two lonely anglers on a stakeout, not knowing there's two huge monster muskellunge hanging out below them, lol, these muskie are about the size of Great White Sharks.

monster musky madison chain lakesJust recently this monster musky was pulled from the Madison Chain of Lakes, came in at 47.2 inches long. The lake produces dozens of muskellunge over the 50 inch mark each year. You can be sure that more monster musky are going to start popping up on the fishing forums from this beautiful chain of lakes.

world record carp euro aquaWell Euro Aqua is in the headlines again, this time an 86lb 4oz was caught, not a world record, but pretty damn big nonetheless. Carp angler Rupert Morrall caught this incredible carp, just so you know Euro Aqua is a lake in Hungary. The carp coming from the lake recently have been humongous, the record still stands that 101 pounds 4 ounces.

monster pike ireland river

If you thought the pike from Germany, England, and Scotland were big! While check out this impressive specimen from Ireland, this monster pike was caught from a undisclosed river in Ireland. After landing the fish, the angler Gerard Smyth put the monster pike on the scales where it weighed 39 pounds 12 ounces. Even though Gerard Smyth was reluctant to mention the waterway, he did say the pike was caught on a Berkley Ripple Shad. I'll have to pick up a few those soft plastic baits from my fishing store. Just some history for you, Ireland has producing some really large pike from their Shannon River Basin, such as the beast from Barrow in 1964, that weighed 42 pounds.

chew valley lake big pikeSome fishermen think that you always have to use a big fishing lure to catch big fish, but that's not the case with this monster pike, the big fish was caught using a tiny fly. Fly fishing for pike can be quite fun, but you just have to make sure you using a heavy fishing line to withstand the sharp teeth on pike. This pike ended up weighing a stunning 36 pounds, it was caught at Chew Valley in England. They sure have some incredibly huge pike that come from England.

falcon lake record bassYou're looking at the new record largemouth bass for Falcon Lake, weighing in at 15.63-pounds, the fish is one of the most incredible catches of the world. When Jeff Archie had put it on the scale, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but after weighing it with an TPWD officer , he knew he had busted the old state record which was set at 15.12 back in 1991.

monster bass falcon lakerecord largemouth basshuge bass falcon lake

alabama record striped bassJames R. Bramlett at the age of 65 caught this 70 pound striped bass from Black Warrior River, putting him in the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) book of world records for the heaviest striper ever caught in a landlocked fishery. And now becoming this current state record for Alabama, the former record striper has stood for more than 50 years. Bramlett credits his wife Janice for urging him to go fishing even though he had to undergo a hospital procedure in next few days. The record striped bass measured 45.5 inches long and boasted a girth of 37.75.

alabama huge striped bassalabama striped bass recordbig striped bassmonster striped bassrecord striped bass photosrecord striped bass pictures

sooner lake record bassCasey Gandy holds up a 12 pound 2 ounce largemouth bass from Sooner Lake, the fish has just been certified by game wardens Doug Gottschalk of Noble County and Marshall Reigh of Grant County as the new record for Sooner Lake. The monster bass sure is pretty impressive, length wise he comes in that 27 inches with a 20 inch girth.