muskie fingerlings photoI've always appreciated beautiful photos of both muskie fingerlings to bass and walleye fingerlings. It's just they look so damn cute at such a young age! The DNR will take a special mesh net to group up the fingerlings, so they can be captured and later loaded onto a tank truck for measuring the fish's growth and size rate.

big musky lake skegemogMusky used to be a rarity in Lake Skegemog in northern Michigan, but now the fish is making a comeback. Anglers have said, years ago at Lake Skegemog it took 50 hours of trolling to nab one of these monster muskellunge, as well as being a fish of 10,000 casts. Just last year, musky fisherman Joel Piatek said he caught 45 muskellunge on their best day. Every time an angler heads out, they have a chance of catching a record size musky.

With trolling, your chances are better, being able to troll 2 rods per person. Musky anglers like to troll Ziggies as well as other custom six to eight inch wooden hand made hard baits. But if you're casting, soft plastic baits like Medusas, Bulldogs or Shadzillas are highly recommended. Finding the right spot at Lake Skegemog or Lake St. Clair to land one of these big muskellunge can provide you with better odds as well.

And once you land one of these monster muskie, unhooking one of them can be much of a challenge just as much as reeling one in. First off they have razor sharp teeth, so you don't want to have your hands or fingers anywhere near their mouth. A set of long needle nose pliers comes in handy if you fish for these aggressive fish. And even though you have to be protet yourself from the fish, you also have to be delicate with the fish as well, some musky anglers will go to great lengths to help revive the fish with a special oxygen tank. For those can't afford these special amenities, musky anglers will keep the fish in the water while they unhook them in the net.

Not all fishermen release these magnificent monsters, some anglers actually resent them, because they wolf down anything that can fit in their mouth. From muskrats to ducks, musky are known to eat popular game fish such as walleye and bass, both largemouth and smallmouth alike.

beautiful bass lake minnetonkaBob Turgeon holds up a beautiful largemouth bass he caught from Lake Minnetonka last Wednesday. Since this is the first time the DNR opened up bass angling throughout much of Minnesota for the new catch-and-release lows, the anglers have been rolling in. In previous years, dating all the way back as far as anyone can remember, fishing for bass would of been illegal. Now with the bass population being healthy, why not try out this new law to bring in more money for the state, while also keeping locals happy. It's always been about protecting the bass, but bottom line, if the bass population is healthy, why not expand on fishing rules to help the sport thrive.

big pike lake coeur d aleneTodd Klement of Spokane landed this 23 pound northern pike from Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. He was fishing the south end of Lake Coeur d'Alene, some of the best pike fishing can be found during fall, they really start to feed on the first day of October. Pike are considered a garbage fish amongst many anglers, but there's still a joy to fish for them amongst some, I myself love catching them, because they give up a great fight and they make for quite a tasty dinner too. It's just that they can overrun a lake if they become too saturated.

This was the second time out on the boat, it was a beautiful day, soon as I stopped the boat, I managed to land two nice size smallmouth bass instantly. And boy did they give me a fight, I was jig fishing with a Berkley Powerbait 4" green pumpking grub. It was amazing how fast I caught these, but within seconds the biting frenzy stopped, then I thought to myself it must be mid-day. After hours and hours of casting, almost catching a small silver bass, I headed down to 6 mile on Lake St. Clair to fish near the Detroit River. I think this area is very valuable because fish swim in and out of the river, especially during spring time, so the bass are highly populated in there. Plus not a lot of bass boats hit this spot, they tend to stay down near the St. Clair shores region, which is good, but it just slows down sometimes because it is fish so hard. It paid off in the end, I landed some really nice size smallmouth bass in the Grosse Pointe Park area.

monster bass picturesJoe Daw holds up a monster bass from the Big Bass Splash on Toledo, the big bass weighed 9.91 pounds on the scales. After landing the monster bass, it put him in the top spot at the tournament rate after Dean West's 8.55 pound bass. Both of these fish had some big time girth to them. But it's no telling who will stay in the lead on day two...

bass fishing vegetationMatt Loetscher who fished for Louisiana Tech college fishing team, uses vegetation to find lunker bass like this one seen here. Sometimes he might only catch one or two bass, but he'll catch at least 1-2 bass in each mat of grass. It's figuring out where the bass might be hidin and finding a clear patch to cast his lure. Loetscher ice using a Stanley ItzaBug tipped with hefty pegged weights to push through the weed patches. Bass really like to hit the bait when it's on the fall, so give them a chance to hit it says Loetscher.

record huge bass lake okeechobeeMike Hicks wins the King of the Glades Wild Card tournament on Lake Okeechobee with these two mamothly huge largemouth bass, one weighing 9.18 pounds and other other one, coming in at 8.96 pounds. The official weight of his final weigh-in came in at 27.6 pounds, it was an all around great tournament to compete in!

big bass lake trafford floridaBig Bass are making a comeback after the restoration of Lake Trafford have transpired over the following years. Back in the 70s, non-native hydrilla covered the entire surface of the lake. That's when officials used herbicides to kill the hydrilla, which then sank to the bottom and formed a thick layer of much that caused algae blooms and killed off oxygen and nutrients in the water. After starting a 21.35 million dredging project back in 2005 to remove 6.4 million cubic yards of muck from the lake, the lake is looks better than ever now in 2015. Water clarity has improved, nutrients back in the water, and sunlight can get to submerged vegetation.

Big bass are already being caught, such as an 8 pound largemouth bass and another 9 pounder this pass weekend. These fish are symbols that the last 10 years of restoration of the lake have worked. Even bluegill and crappie are abundant at the lake, it truly is a magnificent sight to see so many anglers have a great time on Lake Trafford again!

big bass photosWhat better way to catch bass, but to use old antique fishing tackle. This is the only was Scott Platt fishes when he's going for lunker largemouth, look at this monster 7 pound bass he caught from a small conservation area lake in northwest Missouri. The fish measured an incredible 23 1/4 inches long. It's supposedly the biggest bass Platt had ever caught, but she wasn't easy to land. The big bass hammered his old crankbait and made a run for it, heading straight underneath his boat. After a few minutes of fighting this behemoth largemouth bass, Platt finally subdued the monster and landed it with the help of his father. Platt shows you don't have to use expensive fishing tackle to catch record size bass like this one, he also landed another 5 pounder a week later.

rattle jig bass fishingIs Greg Myerson's line of rattle floats, sinkers, and lures a gimmick? Or do these baits actually work? After doing a little research myself, I would definitely give this tackle a try for bass. Why? Well, because Myerson himself actually holds the official IGFA world record for striped bass, weighing in at an amazing 81 pounds 14 ounces. Myerson has incorporated a special rattle technology in his lures to entice the fish, it makes the exact sounds a lobster, crab, or crayfish would make with their claws. This master angler is so confident that these new rattle baits work, he's taking his World Record Striper Company to the TV show Shark Tank. That's where he's national attention and take his fishing company to the next level, I for one after seeing some of his Rattle Black Fish Jigs, Rattle Bucktails, and his Rattle Sting Jigs wouldn't mind trying them.

It would be interesting to attach a Powerbait grub or even some Berkley Gulp on one of his jigs to see what would happen. I once tried some off-brand rattle jig before, it never worked much for me, and within a few months the rattles began to seize up inside. Myerson's rattle chambers look bigger and more promising, I guess the only way to see if it works, is to try his lures out on Lake St. Clair.

rattle bucktail jigsnew custom jig bass fishing

goliath tigerfish jeremy wadeIf you're a big fan of the show River Monsters, you've probably seen the episode where the TV host Jeremy Wade fishes for the ferocious demon fish. Formally known as the goliath tigerfish, it's like no other fish you've seen before. With 32 razor-sharp teeth, this fish could tear through your skin like hot knife through butter. It's a fish known to attack humans and even crocodiles, it's kind of like a giant piranha Wade said. There's only been a handful of fishermen that has caught the fish, due to the danger it poses and the fact its habitat is notoriously hard to reach. These incredibly terrifying fish can only be found deep in the Congo River, the one Jeremy Wade caught weighed an incredible 100 pounds and measured 5 feet long. The jaw looks like a giant rat trap, once it clamps down, it probably will never let go! Wade probably had to use one hell of a strong steel leader to land this fish, I could see those teeth easily cutting through steel line. I love fishing, but I hope I never come across a fish like this in the wild.

scariest fish goliath tigerfishscary fish goliath tigerfishgoliath tigerfish river monstersgoliath tigerfish photosgoliath tigerfish congo riverjeremy wade demon fish

richard tate record bass virginiaI couldn't find much information on this monster bass from Virginia, other than it was caught back in 1985 by Richard Tate. The big bass weighed 16 pounds, 4 ounces when the fish was put on the scale. Making it the state record for largemouth bass, as you can see the fish well deserves the title, it's a monster. I just wish I knew more about the fish and catch, like what fishing lure Richard Tate was using when he caught the big bass.

This was my second time out bass fishing from the shore, my first time was at the docks going for some largemouth, nothing bit, so I decided to go to the point. That's where I caught a nice size smallmouth bass to start off the year, she fought pretty strong, seems like these smallies keep getting stronger every time I catch them. I managed to land a northern pike, as well as some gorgeous largemouth bass as well. But my favorite was the smallie!

northern pike lake st clairThis wasn't my first fish of the season, but it was my first fish I caught off of my Crestliner Super Hawk. It was a beautiful northern pike, the fish fought like a monster for how small it was, at first I thought it was a really big pike on, then I netted it. I was like all that fight from a tiny pike, lol. Sometimes those little northerners can give off an incredible fight! They are very exciting to catch, the bigger ones can be a bit lazier, but I still like catching the bigger ones ya know. So far I've been off to a good start this year, I just wish I started earlier for smallmouth bass, I'll have to make up for it this summer when the big ones start hitting.

largemouth bass lake st clair

bass lake st clair

bluegill lake st clairI think both of these fish were two beautiful sunfish, but I know there was plenty of bluegill in Ford's Cove where I caught them, they are just stacked up in there. I was hoping to catch some big bass on my Zara Spook Puppy, but these panfish were all going apeshit over it, nailing it in every direction. They liked it so much, the first one was a foul hooked, second sunfish was caught right on the mouth. They were so aggressive, they didn't give any of the bass a chance to hit the Zara.

Fishing for panfish can be quite exciting since it's nonstop action of reeling in these fish left and right. Silver bass can be grouped up like bluegill and sunfish as well, which are also starting to bite like crazy. Spring is a great time to be fishing for bluegill, sunfish, and silver bass. They are all good to eat and can be found abundantly in Lake St. Clair.

sunfish lake st clair

big bass lake st clair

My boat has been in the shop for almost a month, so I have been off to a slow start this spring for smallies out on Lake St. Clair. This was the second time I've been out, the first was when I first launched my boat and brought it over to by boat well. But I did manage to get in a few hours of fishing and land a beautiful pike. The second time out was pretty good, got off to a good start that day, two big smallmouth bass within 10 minutes. But after that, the bass just turned off!

Probably because it was midday, but it took me a long time to find a spot where the bass were biting. I caught my first two smallies near the 9 mile tower on Lake St. Clair, after that I headed north down the mile roads, but nothing seemed to bite, so I swung the boat around and headed down to the Grosse Pointes. I had a silver bass on near Grosse Pointe Farms, but came off, after a few hours of wasting my time in that area, I went down to Grosse Pointe Park and that's when the smallmouth bass started hitting.

I caught five more bass that day and boy did they give up an incredible fight! Nothing huge, but these smallies were around 2-3 pounds. So they gave me a hell of a time to reel in, which I just love! More of the fight, the pleasure!!! I just can't wait to get out and do some more bass fishing this spring on Lake St. Clair. I want to get out before the bass stop spawning ya know... My two lucky lures were the 4" Berkley Grub in green pumpkin and a Berkley Flicker Shad.

culvert fords coveI was fishing in front of the 9 mile tower the other day on Lake St. Clair, catching smallies left and right, but then noticed in the corner of my eye a new opening at Ford's Cove. At first I thought they had just trimmed the trees away for park benches and picnicing, but come to find out I saw they put in a new culvert at the Cove. I was really happy to see they did this, I think it's a great idea, since all the weeds and muck always get backed up there each summer. It almost makes me wonder if they should of put in two of them!

So not only will this new culvert circulate the water, but also the fish in Ford's Cove. Lets face it, fishing has always been pretty dull in Ford's Cove, you'd be lucky if you caught a small largemouth bass or snag a carp by accident, lol. Now, the last time I was in there I saw groups and groups of bluegills and sunfish hanging out underneath the shade of trees. I think this in return is going to bring in some really nice sized largemouth bass and pike, maybe even some muskie too! I know Lake St. Clair is mostly known for its smallmouth, but honestly I love fishing in the shallows for largemouth and pike as well.

Now I'm sure there's always been panfish in Ford's Cove, but honestly, I've never seen such a good fish ratio in the Cove. I saw plenty of largemouth bass in there, bluegill, sunfish, and of course the stinky carp, lol. They've always been in their bottom feeding, probably because all the much that builds up in there, so it's heaven for carp. But that all may change though with the new culvert. And really, I only saw one carp when I was there, usually you'll see tons of them.

I think this new addittion well definitely help balance out the ecosystem in Ford's Cove, as well as complement the bay of Grosse Pointe Woods park. Little touches like these, can make all the difference for fishing, fish love to hang out and travel through openings to new waterways. The bass will be traveling through the culvert to feed on panfish, the pike will be traveling through there to feed on bass, and maybe some muskie will be traveling through there to feed on both pike and bass : ) Muskellunge in Lake St. Clair do tend to hang out in deeper water though, but we still have the tiger muskies, which might I say the population seems to have exploded. Just this past fall, I caught one in 5 feet of water in the marina where I keep my boat. Since it's a crossbreed between a pike and muskie, they may like to hang out in shallow water like pike do.

This culvert will not only improve the weed situation, fish ecosystem, but also allow the kayakers to row in and out of the Cove, which makes for a cool experience. And anglers who do fishing from a kayak will also love the culvert as well! You can easily fit one of those small pontoon bass boats underneath there as, but that's about it, a bass boat is out of the question, lol. It would be nice if someone did some dredging at Ford's Cove or even near the bay of Grosse Pointe Woods one of these year, but they'll probably never do that. It tends to get pretty shallow there so be careful if you plan to do some casting over there like I did. I didn't get anything, but I know there's some big largemouth over there, because I saw bluegill everywhere!!!

I just hope now that I can catch some monster largemouth in Ford's Cove this year, I've always thought the spot could of been so much better for bass fishing, but it just never produced any lunkers. The bass always seemed stunted and not prevalent in the Cove. I think it had a lot to do with it being so weed choked, lets hope now the new culvert changes things. Too many weeds and muck can actually create dead spots in lakes because of the lack of oxygen.


big bass illinoisJohnny D’Amico caught this big bass from a private pond in Illinois. He was throwing a custom chatterbait shore fishing when the monster bass hit, D’Amico believes the warmer weather is what enticed the big bass into biting. The big bass measured 23-inch, 6.5-pounds! It gave up one hell of a fight, but once he got it near the shoreline, it was all over. This was a big bass worth bragging about I'd say, incredible! Not all the big largemouth bass are from Florida and Texas, lol.

paul george bass fishingI have to admit, I haven't watched any basketball since the days of the Bad Boys with the Detroit Pistons. Honestly, I lost touch with sports entirely, I guess they were an enjoyment of my childhood and that's it. I guess now I have a lot more important things in my life, such as a family. And really, that only leaves room for a few morth things, work, bodybuilding, and fishing. But I can still appreciate basketball star Paul George for sharing his best bass fishing moments with us. He currently plays for the Indiana Pacers and is considered one of the best players of the team. Just recently he decided to compete in a bass fishing tournament on Geist Reservoir, the kicker is, him and his friend Jacob Wheeler both won the bass tournament. Together both anglers caught a bag of 20.17 pound fish. The biggest bass weighed 5.49 pounds, wow huh?

Paul George is new to fishing bass tournaments, but not new to fishing in general. It's the southern kid in him, that keeps him participating in the sports he loves. Obviously basketball is one of them, but fishing still lurks in his heart. Ya never know, after retiring from pro basketball, he may become a professional bass fisherman.