Quite the action packed little jig, the Gitzit Paddle Fry is great for smallmouth bass in deeper water. The Gitzit just glides through the water so smoothly and efficiently that it looks like a real minnow swimming through the water. It's so lifelike look it's amazing, choose from a variety of different colors in the Gitzit. This is one of my favorite jigs or use on Lake St. Clair, smallmouth bass seem to really respond to a quite well. The 3D eyes on the Gitzits are just a bonus, they really stand out on the bait once it's in the water. Gitzit also makes tube jigs as well, which work great for walleye if you're a walleye fisherman. These are top notch baits for bass fishermen across the nation, can't pass up on buying one or two Gitzits.

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