Sometimes bass just get lockjaw on certain days, maybe it's sunny out, after a storm, cold front moves in, whatever it may be... Fishermen have to choose a bait in their tackle box that will entice bass into biting, most of the time nothing will work. That's where Booyah jigs come into play, jigs that are made to catch fish when no other fishing lure is working. What makes these jigs so valuable is the beautiful skirts that give off a unique action that bass can't resist. And since many of these Booyah jigs come weedless, they can be finessed through weeds, lily pads, rocks, and all kinds of other structure. It's basically a jig that can be thrown anywhere, which allows it to become a very versatile fishing lure. That saying, it's good to have a few of these Booyah Jigs in your tackle box. They are just irresistible to bass and may other species of fish! This remember one fish lockjaw, turn to a Booyah Jig!

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