One of the most effective crankbaits to use on walleye are Cotton Cordell Wally Stingers. Packed with a powerful sting, these crankbaits have been perfectly designed for targeting walleye. Each crankbait has been uniquely designed for casting and trolling at deeper depths in mind. Ranked around 18-28 feet of depth, travel to depths where no crankbait has gone before. Catch record size walleye and you will be amazed!

Cotton Cordell crankbaits work great on many other species of fish as well. Big bass have been caught on Cotton Cordell crankbaits, as well as a good share of very large muskellunge and pike. This is an all around good crankbait to equip your tackle box with. Reasonably priced too, Cotton Cordell crankbaits can be bought by even the most destitute of anglers. Be aware we carry old and very rare Cotton Cordell crankbaits too.

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