Bomber has been making crankbaits for a very long time, providing a good crankbait that works on all species of fish at an affordable price, Bomber crankbaits are a very valuable yet powerful fishing lure to having your tackle box. With a long line of crankbaits ranging from different depths and sizes, Bomber crankbaits provide the essential features to lure in the big fish. Bomber crankbaits can be used on many species of freshwater fish, even saltwater. Catch monster muskie and pike on the Bomber Long A. Hook a huge largemouth bass with the Bomber Square A. And land a monster walleye or smallmouth bass with a Bomber Fat Free Shad. I have found that all their type of crankbaits work well species of fish!

Having at least 2-3 Bomber crankbaits in your tackle box is a must if your a serious bass fisherman. If your short on cash, pick up some used Bomber crankbaits for half the price. Be aware we carry both new and used Bomber crankbaits at a discount price. So really, you have no excuse to prevent you from buying some cool Bomber crankbaits as of now. These awesome crankbaits work, buy some now, and get them shipped to your house in only a matter of a few days.

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