big pike lake st clairIt was about 5 years ago, spring time and I was fishing in front of Grosse Pointe Shores Park off of my old Smoker Craft fishing boat. I was catching one bass after the other, fighting these little suckers to the rim of my boat, ever bass gave me a run for my money. The soft bait I was using was a green pumpkin 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub, the bass seem to love it. After a few hours of hammering the bass in the morning, it was noon and the bass seemed to turn off. So I decided to try fishing the Powerbait Grub right off the break wall of the Grosse Pointe Shores park, I thought to myself, I can always get a few more bass of the wall, they always hang out there! Right around the third or fourth cast, I felt my 3/8 ounce jig snag on something, I'm like what the hell is that! Then it all of a sudden began to move, I'm like holy shit, holy shit this is either a big muskellunge or a mammoth size pike.

Guessing it was one of the two species, I began to reel her up rather slowly, only putting a little tension on my line so the pike didn't run off. That's when my friend grabbed the net and I slowly reeled her up to the edge of the boat, that's when my friend rammed the net directly beneath the pike and was able to net it, that's when the fish uses every strength it had and started doing barrel rolls. Man it was absolutely crazy, my slow method of reeling up the big pike seemed to work, I was happy!

This was obviously the biggest pike I had ever catched, knowing anyone else, they probably would either killed the fish, ate it, or sent it to the taxidermist for a nice amount. I decided to toss the monster pike back in, mainly because I cherish every species of fish, whether it's a predator or not. I thought to myself, this is probably the biggest northern pike I had ever caught, probably measured around 40 inches long. Might as well throw her back in and maybe she can grow into maybe a state record. The problem why so many records stay unbroken, is because a lot of fishermen keep their fish.

It was quite an exciting experience for me, to catch a big pike like this. I probably could've told the story with a little more enthusiasm, but really, you can never fully express the enjoyment of catching a big fish like this. You have to get out on the lake and catch a monster yourself!!! Then you'll feel the rush I felt when I pulled back to set the hook, and basically the fish never moved. Again it felt like a snag, but I knew I had felt something bite, when my fishing line began to move. That's when I knew I had something big on, it absolutey scared the shit out of me...because I knew I had to land this fish and I did!