big tiger muskie pineview reservoirOver 20,000 tiger muskie were stocked at Pineview Reservoir this year. The fish go in about 2 to 3 inches in life, so their only about a month or two old. Since they are very young the survival rate for these fish aren't very good, but that's why so many fish were stocked. Utah Division of Wildlife Aquatic Biologist Chris Penne hopes that some of these fish might grow as big as this tiger muskie he's holding in his hands. Although 50 inch tiger muskie are rare, these fish can get up to 53 inches long. These species of fish are starting to become very popular with anglers, mainly because they give up a great fight, and well they also make great photos for Facebook. Only 2,500 of these baby tiger muskie were raised in Utah, the other 20,000 came from Nebraska. Hopefully this will really improve the popularity of Pineview Reservoir as well!