big walleye delaney lake ontarioThese are just some of the beautiful big walleye that come out of Delaney Lake in Ontario Canada, the fish are just humongous from this body of water. Some of the best months to fish for these monsters are mid May through October. The best methods for fishing are a jig and a minnow, as well as a slip sinker with live bait. Artificial baits wise, some of the top lures are crankbaits, flatfish, Mepps spinners, and Berkley Powerbait soft baits.

big walleye photoSometimes I wish I was a much better walleye fisherman, these are a fun species to fish for. First off we know they make quite the tasty meal, but second, walleye do give up a pretty decent fight at times, not always, but if you catch a big one they will sometimes surprise you. It's just that this a specialty fish you have to target, it's not easy catching these beautiful fish. Fishing at night or in the morning are some of the best times to go for walleye, so not all anglers are up for the task. Great lures to use on walleye are crawler harnesses, jigs, and even certain crankbaits. But I find that jigs are the best out of the bunch!

big bass gull lakeRecord were broken at Gull Lake this past weekend, around 125 teams competed in the Minnesota Fishing Challenge presented by Mills Fleet Farm. Even Al Lindner himself showed up to host the event. It was absolutely amazing to see all the beautiful fish that came out of Gull Lake, such as the 7.51 pound walleye from Dennis Jack and the 4.27 pound bass from TJ Ringer. This was a cool fishing tournament to compete in because it was multi-species oriented.

For several years the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has been working up a plan to overhaul the way pike are being regulated at lakes in Minnesota. The problems range from disappearing large pike in the northeast part of the state as well as stunted hammer handle populations in the north-central regions. In this video, the DNR will discuss some of their new ideas for regulations. As a reminder, the current regs are three pike daily, no more than one over 30 inches in possession.

monster pike woodchester parkOne man comes face-to-face with a 4 foot long monster pike after falling from a treet at Woodchester Park this past week. The man wishes to remain anonymous, but he said the fish was lurking in only 5 feet deep water in the lake at the foot of the valley. This really reminds me of some of the stories Jeremy Wade has told from the popular TV show River Monsters and even Monster Quest.

lake waccamaw topwater bass fishingJune is considered one of the best months for bass fishing at Lake Waccamaw! The bass are really active and they seem to really respond to top water fishing lures such as the Smithwick Devil's Horse and Heddon Zara Spook. The action these top water lures give off are absolutely irresistible to largemouth bass at Lake Waccamaw. It may be a lot of work using these top water crankbaits, but believe me, the payoff and reward is great! Just being able to see a bass jump out of the water to hit one of these lures is exciting, it's quite an experience to say the least.

Slamming some really big smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair, every spring time it's an exciting experience catching these monster bass! One of these bass had to be around 4 pounds, man they fight like hell! If you love fishing for smallies, Lake St. Clair is one of the best lakes to hit up during the spring time in Michigan. Especially since catch and release season is all year round now for bass.

tiger musky bluewater lake nebraskaErnie and Jesse Nelson from western Nebraska caught this gorgeous tiger muskie from Bluewater Lake. The latest fishing report said anglers were catching these tiger muskies on crankbaits, large flies, jerk baits, and even hot dogs. Hot dogs I said? Well, I've seen crazier things, like a big muskellunge actually attacking a fried chicken. I guess the tiger musky really like the taste of beef this year! According to many fishermen, other species at the lake aren't really biting at all, the tigers are just out and about this year. The surface water temp was in the mid 50s. Anglers should be aware that it is illegal to use bait-fish at this lake.

big tiger muskie pineview reservoirOver 20,000 tiger muskie were stocked at Pineview Reservoir this year. The fish go in about 2 to 3 inches in life, so their only about a month or two old. Since they are very young the survival rate for these fish aren't very good, but that's why so many fish were stocked. Utah Division of Wildlife Aquatic Biologist Chris Penne hopes that some of these fish might grow as big as this tiger muskie he's holding in his hands. Although 50 inch tiger muskie are rare, these fish can get up to 53 inches long. These species of fish are starting to become very popular with anglers, mainly because they give up a great fight, and well they also make great photos for Facebook. Only 2,500 of these baby tiger muskie were raised in Utah, the other 20,000 came from Nebraska. Hopefully this will really improve the popularity of Pineview Reservoir as well!

huge tiger muskie utahAt one point tiger muskie were once called a fish of 10,000 casts, but that has all changed with the population of this fish exploding all across North America. The fish is a gorgeous species, with beautiful spots and stripes all over its body. Russell and his wife Kim were celebrating their year wedding anniversary by going on a fishing trip at Pineview Reservoir. While I'm sure this wasn't the wife's idea, lol, we all know it was probably planned out by Russell. But that's typical!

utah record tiger muskie pineview reservoirThe weather conditions were very crummy, it had rained throughout the evening and a bitter wind had swept across the reservoir. Around 7pm Russell had finally hooked into a tiger muskie, after a short battle he was able to land the 38 inch fish. It was getting late, so after that catch Russell was thinking about calling it a night. But that's when he decided to take one last lucky cast, that's when he felt the bait get hooked up on something.

He thought it was a snag, it kind of felt like bottom, but then the line started tearing off his reel. After fighting with the strong fish for 15 minutes, Russell had finally got the big tiger muskie near shore where him and his wife looked at the fish in disbelief. He couldn't believe he was able to land this fish on only 8 pound test!

record tiger muskie pineview reservoirHe gave his fishing pole to his wife, since they had no fishing net, that's when he grabbed the fish by it's tail and held it up. The monster tiger muskie measured an incredible 51 inches long, beating out the current catch-and-keep Utah angling record by 2 inches. But he didn't beat out the current catch-and-release record for tiger muskie, which is 53 inches.

But since tiger muskie are required to be released, this fish will have to stay in Russell and Kim's memories, as well as ours. Russell said there's nothing wrong with that, he was happy to release the beautiful big fish. But since it's been released, maybe it will be bigger next time an angler catches it, this time breaking all records for the state of Utah.

tiger muskie oswego riverThis is one of the most beautiful and unique looking tiger muskie I have ever seen. They say there's only one strain of tiger muskie, that's a hybrid mix between a muskellunge and northern pike mating. But really, I'm sure there are some special strain tiger muskie out there in certain lakes, because this one is really unique. I mean check out the designs on it, the stripes and spots are so cool looking. The fish measured 32 inches long, not huge, but pretty big for a tiger muskie. The angler Jon Newman caught this tiger muskie on the Oswego River around Phoenix.

big pike lake st clairIt was about 5 years ago, spring time and I was fishing in front of Grosse Pointe Shores Park off of my old Smoker Craft fishing boat. I was catching one bass after the other, fighting these little suckers to the rim of my boat, ever bass gave me a run for my money. The soft bait I was using was a green pumpkin 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub, the bass seem to love it. After a few hours of hammering the bass in the morning, it was noon and the bass seemed to turn off. So I decided to try fishing the Powerbait Grub right off the break wall of the Grosse Pointe Shores park, I thought to myself, I can always get a few more bass of the wall, they always hang out there! Right around the third or fourth cast, I felt my 3/8 ounce jig snag on something, I'm like what the hell is that! Then it all of a sudden began to move, I'm like holy shit, holy shit this is either a big muskellunge or a mammoth size pike.

Guessing it was one of the two species, I began to reel her up rather slowly, only putting a little tension on my line so the pike didn't run off. That's when my friend grabbed the net and I slowly reeled her up to the edge of the boat, that's when my friend rammed the net directly beneath the pike and was able to net it, that's when the fish uses every strength it had and started doing barrel rolls. Man it was absolutely crazy, my slow method of reeling up the big pike seemed to work, I was happy!

This was obviously the biggest pike I had ever catched, knowing anyone else, they probably would either killed the fish, ate it, or sent it to the taxidermist for a nice amount. I decided to toss the monster pike back in, mainly because I cherish every species of fish, whether it's a predator or not. I thought to myself, this is probably the biggest northern pike I had ever caught, probably measured around 40 inches long. Might as well throw her back in and maybe she can grow into maybe a state record. The problem why so many records stay unbroken, is because a lot of fishermen keep their fish.

It was quite an exciting experience for me, to catch a big pike like this. I probably could've told the story with a little more enthusiasm, but really, you can never fully express the enjoyment of catching a big fish like this. You have to get out on the lake and catch a monster yourself!!! Then you'll feel the rush I felt when I pulled back to set the hook, and basically the fish never moved. Again it felt like a snag, but I knew I had felt something bite, when my fishing line began to move. That's when I knew I had something big on, it absolutey scared the shit out of me...because I knew I had to land this fish and I did!

northern pike keyhole reservoirThis beautiful northern pike was caught last Monday at Keyhole Reservoir. For some anglers, this fish species is considered a garbage fish, some call them water wolves, other call them slimers. Spring time, these monsters are out feeding on bass, bluegill, and sunfish. It's takes few years for pike to get big, but the youngsters are just as fun as the big ones, because they are so damn finicky.

big pike nagagami lakeA lot of pike anglers don't know this but pike fishing with flies can be quite an effective extravaganza. First pike really like them and second it's really exciting seeing the pike hit the fly on top of the water. Some of the biggest pike have been caught on top of the water. So if your looking to have some fun, Nagagami Lake in Algoma Country, Northern Ontario has some of the best pike fishing.

big pike devils lake north dakotaDevil's Lake located north of central North Dakota is America's largest natural Lake. Formed from glaciers millions of years ago, the lake is home to a world class fishery of northern Pike, yellow perch, and walleye. The walleye at Devil's Lake get nice and fat, while northern pike get really long and big. The pike on this lake are very aggressive, they will give you an incredible fight, compared to other freshwater lakes in America. Fishermen like using Rapala crankbaits on these fish, while big walleye can be caught on real live leeches with a jig head.

huge northern pike columbia riverSean Hansen holds up huge 15 pound northern pike he caught off the Columbia River. It's one of the most beautiful northern pike I have ever seen. You don't come across huge pike like this everyday in the States, but in Canada, big pike like this are flourishing. However I did catch a nice 40 inch muskie a few years back in Lake St. Clair. Man, I bet this big pike gave Hansen a run for his money!

striped bass missouri state recordLawrence Dilman of Rockaway Beach caught this monster striped bass on a chub minnow, the big bass took 45 minutes to reel in on Bulls Shoals Lake. The striped bass measured an incredible 49.75 inches long with a girth of 36 inches. At the time Dilman was reeling in this monster fish, little did he know he had a striper on, let alone a new state record. He thought it might be a spoonbill or another fish species...when he saw the striper come up, he was so surprised. After clearing it with the DNR, this fish has now become the new state record for striped bass.

chain pickerel photoOne of the most beautiful fish to catch in freshwater lakes is the chain pickerel. Nicknamed the southern pike, these little torpedo give up an energetic fight like a smallmouth bass or a musky. There is a small cult following of anglers that fish for these species of fish, even though chain pickerel is a rare species of fish to catch. One of the best locations to catch this fish is on Lake Michigan.

huge musky wisconsinLocated in Vilas County Wisconsin, Muskellunge Lake has produced some really huge musky like this one here. What better name to call a lake, if your a musky fan, that's cool as hell. Opening day of musky season, Bob Jacobs landed this Wisconsin musky. Jacobs claimed to very lucky catching this gorgeous fish on the first day of the season.

wisconsin muskie photoMuskie fishing is becoming so popular in Wisconsin, about 1.4 million anglers fish in Wisconsin each year, 25 percent claim to be muskie fishermen. That's how big the sport has grown, whether you love to fish for bass or walleye 10 or 20 years ago, chances are some of the same fishermen are going for muskellunge nowadays. Not sure if it's just the fight of these magnificent fish or just the bragging rights, after holding up one of these beast in front of the camera. Whatever it may be, we can expect the sport to be as big as bass fishing one of these days.